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Different calf strength qualities in runners

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

🙋🏼‍♀️Did you know there are different types of calf strength?🐮

You should all know by now the importance of strong calf muscles for running. Insufficient calf strength can be seen in a number of different running injuries including the obvious: calf strains, Achilles tendinopathy, shin pain & plantar heel pain and perhaps the less obvious: knee pain & hip pain. But there are actually different TYPES of strength qualities that can be assessed in the calves.

In runners, the strength qualities to be assessed include maximal strength, explosive strength, reactive strength & strength endurance. Here are some of the assessments for each of these qualities & the goals:

1️⃣Maximal strength: Seated calf raise (>1.5x bodyweight)

2️⃣Explosive strength: Countermovement jump (>30cm jump height)

3️⃣Reactive or plyometric strength: Drop hop (>20cm jump height, ground contact time <0.3sec) & Single leg rebound test (ground contact time <0.3sec)

4️⃣Strength endurance: Calf raise to fatigue (25+ reps)

🎯Individualized rehabilitation can then be prescribed according to the runners' strength profile.

👋Runners, if you want to know how you measure up, then don't hesitate to reach out to us




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