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Initial consultation - 1 hour $220


The initial consultation allows for a comprehensive discussion about your issues, in addition to your health & performance goals.


This is then followed by a thorough assessment utilizing the latest in technology.

Lastly, and guided by your testing results, treatment is performed and rehabilitation exercises are prescribed.

Extended consultation - 30mins $110 (concession $100)

Short consultation - 15mins $80 (concession $70)

We offer onsite HICAPS facility for your convenience to claim private health insurance rebates.


Running assessment - 1 hour $220


This specialized service involves a thorough assessment of your running gait/technique. This is then followed by testing you for any strength and mobility impairments that may be affecting your running. This includes testing on our state of the art AxIT system (read more here). Suggestions are then made on how to improve your running performance.


At the conclusion of this session a detailed report is then sent to you outlining your issues, and how to correct them.

Suitable for all levels of runners from beginners to elite.

Golf analysis - 1 hour $220


This specialized service involves a thorough assessment of your mobility and strength, and examine for any issues that may be impairing your golf swing. 

This is then followed by exercise recommendations to help improve your golf game. 

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