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"We help athletes & active individuals return from injury & perform at their best"


We help you recover from injury & achieve peak performance

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Why choose us?

  1. Luke:

    • 20 years experience in establishing a leading practice in Melbourne and gaining vast experience in clinical practice and postgraduate study.

    • Certified Running Coach & Strength & Conditioning Coach

    • Experience working with elite sporting teams (Collingwood Football Club, Victorian men’s water polo and the Oakleigh Chargers AFL) and

    • Experience working with elite individual athletes (Olympic runners, Iron Man triathletes, AFL footballers, golfers, mixed martial artists, cricketers and netballers).

  2. Marcus:

    • Clinical interest in the treatment of sporting injuries with decades of experience as an S&C coach

    • Has worked with various sporting teams around the world

    • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Exercise Physiologist & Dietician

  3. Our team are leaders in their field:

    • Luke is the past President of Sports Chiropractic Australia and past Vice-President of the Sports Medicine Australia Victorian Committee.

  4. Experience in wholistic injury management:

    • Luke regularly presents at national and international conferences on various topics in sports medicine. Luke has completed both a post-graduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic and a Masters in Sports Science.

    • Marcus has an extensive list of certifications including degrees in Chiropractic, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Management, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Medical Science  

  5. Onsite rehabilitation facility including assessment tools, rehab equipment and treadmill with video motion analysis and High-performance gym

    • This enables an elite level of assessment, early and advanced stage rehab, and enables us to ensure full, comprehensive management of each patient such that they return to their full potential and active lifestyle as soon as possible.

  6. Thorough examination to get to the source of your problem: This includes a detailed discussion of your health concerns, followed by assessments of mobility, movement and strength using our state-of-the-art technology. This is also in addition to a review of associated risk factors and other things that may impact health, injury, performance and recovery (lifestyle, nutrition, etc).

  7. Comprehensive Management Plans: Once a comprehensive review of all factors impacting health, well-being, performance, injury (etc) has resulted in a diagnosis, we implement management plans incorporating our three primary modalities:

    • Manual Therapy (soft tissue, manipulative therapy)

    • Active Care (dynamic rehabilitation, exercise therapy, movement modification, training load management and running gait modification)

    • Lifestyle Advice (stress management, recovery, sleep, nutrition)

  8. We actively engage in an integrative approach with patients and other members of their health & performance team (GPs, coaches, personal trainers, other health practitioners etc.) through open and regular communication.

  9. We embody our philosophy and live a high-performance life balancing clinical practice, family life and a passion for exercise:

    • Luke is a passionate runner and has completed multiple marathons and Iron Man triathlons. He also has 2 young children

    • Trang is also a keen runner, making the switch from a strength-based athlete to triathlons and long distance running.

Proud members of:

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