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Our Vision

Helping you achieve your health & performance goals and reach your full potential


Our Purpose 

We all have the ability to thrive and achieve amazing things. To reach our full potential, we need to optimise our health and wellbeing. The Health & High Performance approach is to help our patients reach their full potential.



We achieve results through:

  1. An accurate diagnosis of each presenting situation utilising a thorough examination including assessment of mobility, movement and strength using state of the art technology.

  2. We consider every case on a holistic basis and create Comprehensive Management Plans incorporating three primary modalities:

    • Manual Chiropractic Therapy (soft tissue, manipulative therapy)

    • Active Care (dynamic rehabilitation, exercise therapy, movement modification, training load management and running gait modification)

    • Lifestyle Advice (stress management, recovery, sleep, nutrition)

  3. Active integration and open communication with each patient and other members of their health & performance team (GPs, coaches, personal trainers, other health practitioners etc.) 

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