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The AxIT system is state of the art technology utilised at our clinic. In fact, we are currently one of the few clinics nationwide to have access to this system, using technology which has previously been limited to elite sporting clubs.

What does it do?

There are numerous components to this system (force plates, strain gauge & hand-held dynamometer), which combined together allow us to test & measure the strength & rate of force of many different muscles and movements.

AxIT system.png

What conditions can it be used for?

From the head to your toes, the system can test the strength of many movements & muscles.

We find it useful for:

Why Isometric testing?

Hamstring strength testing

Spinal strength testing

Calf strength testing

Shoulder strength testing


What does this mean for you?

  • A more accurate diagnosis of your problem

  • Accurately being able to measure your strength

  • A clearer understanding of your strengths, deficiencies, discrepancies and progression over time. 

  • Ensure a faster return to play time frame

  • Be worked with like an elite athlete with state of the art technology not previously accessible to you.

  • PREVENT injuries before they occur


Is there an extra charge to be tested with this system?

No! The AxIT testing forms a key part of our standard consultations, ensuring you get highest value of care!

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