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Hamstring tendinopathy: How's your strength?

Strength deficits in the hamstrings are often seen in those with hamstring tendinopathy. Whether those deficits existed before or after the onset of the tendinopathy isn't always clear, but hamstring strengthening should form a cornerstone of rehabilitation.

Using our state of the art AxIT system, we test the maximal strength of the hamstrings to see if they are up to scratch.

A simple test of your hamstring strength to perform at home is the single-leg bridge to fatigue test. The aim is to get above 25 reps with less than 10% difference side to side. See more on this test here

It's also common to also find deficits elsewhere in the kinetic chain in those with hamstring tendinopathy, including glute max, calf, quad and lateral hip muscles.

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