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Hamstring tendinopathy & Running technique

In this blog we discuss some of the running technique changes that can help relieve hamstring tendinopathy.

There are a number of technique modifications that may help with hamstring tendinopathy, including the following:

🔹Reducing overstride: this reduces potential compression of the hamstring tendon

🔸Reducing anterior pelvic tilt: this also reduces compression of the tendon

🔹Reducing trunk flexion

🔸Reducing knee extension at foot strike (often seen with overstride)

🔹Increasing step rate:

  • decreases hip energy absorption (Derrick, Caldwell et al. 2000, Heiderscheit, Chumanov et al. 2011)

  • decreases peak internal hip extensor moment (Seay, Selbie et al. 2008, Heiderscheit, Chumanov et al. 2011)

Of course, just because you have hamstring tendinopathy, doesn't mean you need to change your running technique, so always seek advice from a health professional who deals with runners.

If you need further help with your hamstring tendinopathy, check out the recent podcast we did on this topic (here), or don't hesitate to reach out to us!






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