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Biggest mistake runners make with a calf or Achilles injury

Runners, don't forget your springs!💥

Plyometrics are an imperative part of rehabilitation for calf strains & Achilles tendinopathy, and are often a missing part of the rehab in runners we see.

🔎Running not only demands a high load from our calves but also requires them to do it FAST! This is where plyometrics come in.

There are lots of options to choose from here including lower load pulses, pogos, hopping, step jumps, altitude landings to drop jumps, hops & bounding.

Depending on the intensity & volume, these are usually performed 1-2 times per week.

🔑Runners & health professionals, don't forget to include plyometrics in the rehab of calf & Achilles injuries!

👇Let us know below what your favourite plyometric exercises are!

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