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Runner's knee? How different activities load the knee

🤕Runner's knee? How different activities load the knee🦵

Those suffering from Runner's knee or patellofemoral pain often experience pain in day-to-day activities & other exercises.

🔎So here's a list of different exercises & movements ranked from lowest to highest patellofemoral joint compressive forces:

  • Walking: 0.9 x body weight (BW) (Hart 2022)

  • Squat bodyweight: 2.45 X BW (Wallace 2002)

  • Stair descent: 2.8 x BW (Hart 2022)

  • Stair ascent: 3.2 x BW (Hart 2022)

  • Squat +35% bodyweight: 3.5 x BW (Wallace 2002)

  • Single leg squat: 4.17 x BW (Escamilla 2009)

  • Countermovement jump: 4.2 x BW (Cleather 2013)

  • Lunge backward: 4.26 x BW (Goulette 2021)

  • Lunge forward: 5.03 x BW (Goulette 2021)

  • Running: 5.2 x BW. (Hart 2022)

  • Wall squat double leg: 5.51 x BW (Escamilla 2009)

  • Squat barbell 12RM: 6.58 x BW (Escamilla 1998)

  • Hopping: 8.5 x BW (Ristow 2020)

🎯How can this be used?

Those with Runner's knee/patellofemoral pain can use this to determine progressions of exercise, gradually making your way from least to most compressive forces.

This progression can also be used to determine readiness to return to running. For instance, if unable to perform a single leg squat or a lunge without significant pain, then you may not be ready to run!🏃‍♀️

👋Runners if you need help with your knee pain, don't hesitate to contact us!


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