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Calf raises for big toe pain

🐮Calf raises for big toe pain🦶

For those with 1st toe pain or limited range of movement, standard calf raises can be uncomfortable. So what other options do we have to offload this joint?

1️⃣ Perform in shoes: While we usually prefer to perform calf raises barefoot, doing them in shoes, especially those with a forefoot rocker, can ease load at the 1st toe joint.

2️⃣ Arrange books, weight plates or pieces of wood to give room for the 1st toe whilst still providing support underneath the toe

3️⃣ Stand on the edge of a step, book or weight plate so that the entire 1st ray is off the edge. This option is more challenging for balance.

So give these options a go to keep those calves strong without aggravating the big toe!

⚠️ Disclaimer: No Brukner & Kahn texts were harmed in the making of this clip 😉

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