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Runners: how strong is your big toe?

Runners: how strong is your big toe?

Your big toe plays an important role in stabilizing your foot & helps provide propulsion when running. Deficiencies in intrinsic foot strength may impact balance (Quinlan 2020) & increase the load on the plantar fascia, ankle, calf & Achilles tendon.

🔍Testing position

We've played around with different testing setups but like to use our force plates to measure as seen in this video.

🎯What is normal?

We like to see upwards of 20% bodyweight in force in our runners, & no greater than a 10% difference between sides. This is similar to the numbers found in the literature. (Mickle 2016, Spink 2010).

💪How to get strong toes?

Some of our favourite options are:

🦶Banded big toe flexion

🦶Weight calf raise with toe extension

👋Save this for later & share the big-toe love!


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