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How to test your end range calf strength

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

We mentioned in our previous blog about the importance of end range calf strength (click here), but how can you test this at home?

The 3 tests we use are:

  1. Calf raise heel height

  2. Bent knee heel height

  3. Soleus raise endurance test

Calf raise heel height

First up we have the Calf raise heel height. Facing a wall with just your fingertips for balance, stand on one leg, raise up as high as you can and then have someone measure the height from the floor to the base of your heel. Repeat the same on the other side, ensuring you use the same point of the heel. You should have no greater than a 10% difference between sides.

Bent knee heel raise height

Secondly, we have the Bent knee heel raise height. Get into a wall sit position on one leg, & then raise your heel off the ground as high as possible. Measure this height & compare it to the other side. Again you should have no greater than a 10% difference between sides.

Soleus raise endurance test

Lastly, we have the Soleus raise endurance test which will get the legs shaking! To perform this test, perform the wall sit as above, shift your weight to one leg, raise up onto your toes & hold this position for as long as you can. Time yourself on each leg. If you have adequate calf strength you will find that your quad (thigh) fatigues before your calf does.

So give these a go & let us know how you do!

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