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Is it the Achilles tendon?

We've previously discussed some of the things that can cause Achilles pain (read here), but here are 2 simple questions that can help confirm if you are dealing with Achilles tendinopathy, with thanks to Ebonie Rio for these!

1️⃣Where is the pain?

🔑Pain with the Achilles tendinopathy tends to be very localised to the tendon. Those suffering from midportion tendinopathy will tend to pinch the tendon or point with one finger, & those with insertional tendinopathy point to the heel. Pain that travels up and down the tendon, into the foot or up into the calf is likely NOT tendinopathy.

2️⃣What aggravates it?

🔑Tendon pain tends to increase with activities that place increased demands on the stretch-shortening cycle. So if you are dealing with tendinopathy there should be an increase in pain as you go from calf raises to single leg calf raises, to jumping, then hopping & then stiff knee hopping (pogo hops). If there is easing of pain with increased demand then you are not looking at tendinopathy, it may be paratenon.

If you need help with your Achilles issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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