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Calf strain & Achilles: don’t forget horizontal & lateral forces! 💥

🐮The calf (& most notably the soleus) provides the majority of propulsive horizontal force during running AND also serves an essential role in the change of direction. Therefore rehab of calf & Achilles injuries should take into consideration horizontal & lateral force production. Here are some exercise options:

🎯 Horizontal forces:

  • Donkey kick calf raise

  • Calf raise into wall

  • Calf raise onto step


  • Banded step to & load

  • Hopping in a line

  • Hurdle hops

  • Bounding

🎯Lateral forces:

  • Side step up with weight

  • Side step up into band

  • Calf raise lean into wall (both directions)


  • Multidirectional hopping

  • Skater jumps

  • Skater jumps onto step

  • Skater jumps into a band

  • Hopping into band lateral & medial

👋Save this post to incorporate into your calf & Achilles rehab!

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