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Shoe drop: what is best?

👟Shoe drop: what's best?🤷‍♂️

Shoe drop is the difference between the midsole height at the heel versus the height at the forefoot. Shoe drop can vary from zero drop shoes, all the way up to 12mm. So which height is best?

As per usual it always depends! Shoes can be a tool to help redistribute load when we run.

🤓Besson's 2019 study showed that zero drop shoes showed higher ankle dorsiflexion moments but LOWER knee extension moments versus 6mm & 10mm shoes. These results were also replicated by Richert's 2019 study.

🙋🏼‍♂️So how can we use this?

🔑For those that might be prone to injuries around the foot, ankle & calf, you could consider offloading this area with HIGHER drop shoes>6mm.

🔑For those prone to knee & hip injuries, consider shoes with a LOWER drop.

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