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Rotate them shoes: why using multiple pairs of shoes could save you from injury

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Left, right, left, right. Running is so repetitive, so it makes sense that you should add some variety!! We've previously discussed the benefits of running on different surfaces, but what about mixing up what's on your feet? And what if it could reduce your chances of getting injured?

Fortunately for the shoe lovers out there, research actually supports the use of multiple pairs of shoes! In their 2013 study of 264 runners, Malisoux et al found that the multiple-shoe wearers had a 39% lower risk of injury versus the single-shoe wearers!

The authors speculate that the reduced injury risk could be attributed to the fact that different shoes distribute the impact forces of running differently, thereby lessening the repetitive strain on any given tissue.

We frequently recommend to our runners using multiple pairs of running shoes that can be used for different runs i.e. a more structured shoe on longer runs & lighter, less structured shoes for speedwork.

Not only does this help avoid repetitive loading on the body, but it also gives your shoes a longer life. After running in a shoe, it can take 24+hours for the foam to rebound, so giving extra time between use will allow this to occur!

So if you are confronted by frustrated partners that "you already have enough running shoes", just tell them it's science & send them this post ;)


  • Malisoux, L., et al. (2013). "Can parallel use of different running shoes decrease running-related injury risk?" Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports


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