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Is it normal for my knee to click & pop?

Updated: Feb 15

"Is it normal for knees to make clicks & popping noises?" is a question we are often asked. So in this blog, we discuss "noisy knees".⁣

🔊Noisy knees (also known as crepitus) are common: a previous study that examined 250 asymptomatic knees, found that 99% of them had crepitus! ⁣

🔊We still don’t know exactly what causes this noise & it is more common in those with patellofemoral pain. But what we DO know, is that this noise is NOT a sign of severity: a 2018 study by Silva et al found that those with knee pain & noisy knees have the same strength, function & pain vs those suffering knee pain without noise. (de Oliveira Silva 2018) ⁣

🔑So in summary, noisy knees are common & normal, so whilst it might not sound nice, rest assured that no damage is occurring!😅 ⁣

If you need any further assistance with your knee pain, please don't hesitate to contact us or read more about runners knee here


  • de Oliveira Silva, D., et al. (2018). "Knee crepitus is prevalent in women with patellofemoral pain, but is not related with function, physical activity and pain." Phys Ther Sport 33: 7-11.

  • de Oliveira Silva, D., et al. (2018). "Implications of knee crepitus to the overall clinical presentation of women with and without patellofemoral pain." Phys Ther Sport 33: 89-95.

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