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Knee pain? How changing your running technique may help

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Have you noticed that we are taught how to do many sporting skills such as tennis, golf and swimming, but rarely, IF EVER taught how to run properly?! Just like any sport there is a right and a wrong way to do things. Through poor running technique, many people put their bodies under a lot more load than it should be.

Some of the common running technique issues we see in runners with knee pain and patellofemoral pain include:

  • Overstriding

  • Increased vertical oscillation (up and down movement)

  • Hip adduction & Knee valgus

  • Pelvic drop

  • Lack of hip extension

  • Knee strategy in midstance

Running retraining may decrease pain in those with patellofemoral pain. There is often many retraining options but it’s important to consider how changes impact other areas (ie the foot and calf).

Addressing running technique

If there have been potential running gait issues identified, some of the following strategies can be used:

  • Increasing cadence by 5-10% has been shown to reduce knee loads (Heiderscheit et al. 2011, Lenhart et al. 2013, Willson et al. 2014). This can also help reduce overstride and increased vertical oscillation.

  • Transitioning from rearfoot to forefoot strike: caution with this one to not over correct and run on the toes

  • Using a slight forward trunk lean

  • Cues to reduce pelvic drop, hip adduction and “knee strategy”

It is important that you seek advice from your health professional before making changes to your running technique to ensure that any changes are right for you.

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