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Unlocking the Mystery: Understanding the Morning Agony of Tendon Pain

Rise & shine, but not with Achilles tendon pain! 🙈

Achilles tendinopathy & plantar heel pain often see runners feeling aged past their years on those first few morning steps😫Why is that?

Our tendons have an incredible ability to adapt to the stress they endure. When tendinopathy occurs, one of the changes within the tendon is an increased influx of water as a mechanism to enhance its strength 🔗

To better understand this morning stiffness, imagine the tendon as a sponge. As we rest, the tendon sucks water in. Upon standing up, the tendon is full of fluid which can be painful. But as we move around, this fluid is gradually squeezed out just like wringing a sponge & the pain eases🧽

🤷‍♂️So how can you fix this issue?

Morning stiffness in the tendon is often a result of the previous day's activities. Therefore, reducing the morning symptoms comes down to finding the right balance between exertion & recovery throughout the day. As the balance is restored, the symptoms will ease.

Based on our experience, morning stiffness is often an early symptom of Achilles tendinopathy & plantar heel pain. It serves as a warning sign to take action before the condition worsens!


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