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Toe holes in shoes? How to prevent them

👋Peekaboo, is this you?🦶

Repetitive pressure & rubbing from your big toe or your little toe may cause small holes to appear on the upper of your shoes, what does this mean?

Some possibilities include:

  • Choose a shoe with a wider toe box to allow some wiggle room

  • Try half a size larger shoe. Allow a thumb's width space between your toes & the end of the shoe, & remember that your foot will swell & enlarge when you exercise

  • Try an alternate lacing technique such as parallel, wide foot or diagonal lacing. Read our previous blog here on lacing techniques

  • Ensure your toenails are trimmed!

  • Running technique: a pronounced heel strike +/- overstride may lead to you using your toe extensors to lower the foot to the ground during foot landing.

👋If you need help with your running, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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