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Patellar tendinopathy vs Patellofemoral pain

🤕🦵Patellar tendinopathy vs Patellofemoral pain: how to distinguish between the two🦵🤕

💪 Today let's tackle a common dilemma: Differentiating Patellar Tendinopathy from Patellofemoral Pain! 💡

📚 Patellar tendinopathy and patellofemoral pain are two distinct conditions that can cause knee discomfort & can frequently be misdiagnosed. Today, we'll shed light on how to differentiate between them & provide a clearer path to effective treatment.

🔎Pain location

Patellofemoral pain tends to be more vague & DIFFUSE in its' location, & can vary from underneath the knee, to the outside, top or inside of the knee.

On the other hand, pain associated with the patellar tendon is LOCALIZED to the inferior pole of the patella.

🔎Pain on increased stretch-shortening cycle demands

With patellar tendinopathy, you should see an increase in pain as there is higher stretch-shortening cycle demands. That is, there should be an increase in the localized tendon pain with slow squats to faster squats then onto jumping and hopping.

🩺 Remember, accurate diagnosis is crucial for appropriate treatment! Stay vigilant, conduct thorough assessments, & nail the diagnosis.

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