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Is my Achilles tendon going to snap?

“I’m just scared that I might rupture a tendon”

This is a common fear in those suffering with Achilles' tendinopathy, and one which will leave many fearful to sufficiently load & rehabilitate their tendon. But how common is it to rupture your Achilles tendon?

A previous study by Kannus et al in 1997, put this risk at a rather high 20%, BUT more recent research by Yasui et al found this figure to be MUCH lower. In their 2017 study, they found that only FOUR percent of patients with an underlying diagnosis of Achilles tendinopathy went on to sustain a rupture. Older patients with tendinopathy were most vulnerable to subsequent rupture.

So at 4%, this is a pretty low risk of sustaining a rupture! And one which in our experience, can be further lowered with a progressive loading & rehabilitative protocol to ensure optimal function of the tendon.

If you need help with your Achilles' tendon, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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