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UP, UP & Away: Tips for running uphill

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Nothing brings a collective sigh amongst a group of runners like a steep hill ahead. So here are some tips to make hills your friends:

1️⃣ Keep upright: avoid the urge to flex forward at the hips. Ensure that any lean comes from the ankles NOT the hips. Keeping your vision higher up the hill can help prevent you from bending forward.

2️⃣ Arms: Bring arm swing up slightly

3️⃣ Slightly shorten your steps, avoid the urge to stride out

4️⃣ Focus on effort NOT pace: ignore your pace when hitting the steep stuff, try and keep your effort consistent, focus on your breathing.

5️⃣ Get strong: From a strength perspective, uphill running places a greater demand on the calves & hip flexors (due to higher knee drive), so if you are struggling on hills, put in some extra work strengthening these!

For further help with your running, don’t hesitate to reach out! 👋

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