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Runners: Common training load errors you want to avoid

📊Runners: The "Two toos". Common training load errors you want to avoid🏃‍♀️

1. Too much too soon 📈

  • Inconsistencies from week to week can lead to peaks & troughs & a Strava profile resembling the Patagonia Logo as heapsgoodrunners state 

  • Ensure you undergo gradual increases with intermittent deload weeks to help your body recover & absorb your training. 

2. Too fast too often 💨

  • Hard running is hard on your body. Faster running increases the load on your body & with inadequate recovery can lead to injury. 

  • Training intensity distribution will differ between runners & vary with different phases of training, but a general rule is to perform the majority of your training time in Zone 1/2 & incrementally less for Zones 3-5. 

🙋🏼‍♀️So runners, where are our Patagonia Logo peeps at?

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