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Runners: 4 tips to stay injury-free in the New Year

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Many runners have a New Years' resolution to have an injury-free year, so here are our top 4 tips to make this happen!

1️⃣ Strength train 🏋️‍♀️: Yep we know most of you don't like to strength train, but implementing this into your program may help reduce your injury risk AND improve your performance

2️⃣Have a training plan & stick to it 📈: Even if that's 2 runs or 7 runs per week, having some structure to your training will limit "loading spikes" that can lead to injury.

3️⃣Respect recovery!😴The only training you benefit from is the training your recover from. If you train hard, you must recover hard. This includes considering your sleep, nutrition & stress management.

4️⃣Slow down✋: ensure your easy runs are exactly that: EASY! Many recreational runners we see run too fast too often. Remember that a significant proportion of your running should be at an easy, conversational pace.

👋Runners, like & share this to help your running friends experience an injury-free year ahead!






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