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2 tips for front of shin pain

Runners, struggling with pain in the front of your shin? 🤕

Here are two tips to help with anterior compartment syndrome, the most common cause of front of shin pain.

🔑Tip 1: Strengthening

There are lots of options here but our favourites are:

🔹Banded dorsiflexion

🔸Wall lean dorsiflexion

🔹Standing banded hip flexion

🔸Standing kettlebell hip flexion

🔑Tip 2: Reduce foot angle at footstrike

Greater angles of dorsiflexion (toes pointing up) at footstrike put more demand on the muscles in the front of the shin. Changing this foot angle can be achieved in a number of ways including shortening stride length or increasing cadence.

❗️As always, an accurate diagnosis is important, so if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask! 👋


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