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When runners should NOT introduce strength training into their routine

We are big proponents of strength training for runners, but sometimes the timing is not right to start implementing strength into your routine. Here's when:

1️⃣ An important race in the coming weeks.

Unless justified, the taper period before an A-goal race is NOT the time to be adding further stress to your body. Once that race is done, then hit the weights.

2️⃣ When you are struggling to keep up with your training loads.

If you are particularly fatigued, sore, or in extreme cases energy deficient, then piling on more training stress is not a good idea. Strength training can still be implemented, but NOT until there is a tweak in training loads to allow for this further stress.

🤕 Some might argue that injury might be a reason to delay strength training, but providing the above criteria are not met, you can often train around your injury, plus strength training can help you rebuild injured tissues!

So other than these reasons above, runners, what are you waiting for?

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