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4 tips for managing ITB pain

🔑4 tips for managing ITB pain🤕

ITB pain can often be impossible to run through when really angry. Here are our top tips for managing this condition:

1️⃣ Strengthen! Address any strength deficits with particular attention to the outside of the hip & the quads. We like to use Bulgarian Split squats & Single leg step downs to target the initial 20-30 degrees of knee flexion where the ITB undergoes compression.

2️⃣ Pump up the incline! Running on a treadmill with a 3-5% incline can be used if running on a flat surface is too sore. It tends to be the DOWNHILL running that will aggravate ITB pain, so this negates the need to run downhill

3️⃣ Running technique: If you have a narrow step width, then try slightly increasing

4️⃣ Some TLC if need be to the TFL (around the outside of the hip) quads & hamstring- not to the ITB itself!

👋Runners, save & share this blog with any of your running friends with ITB pain!






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