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Treat the runner, not just the injury

Regarding runners, it's essential to remember that we must treat the runner, not just the injury. Here's why. 🏃‍♀️🔍

1️⃣ Runners, are unique individuals:

Each runner is a beautifully intricate combination of strengths, weaknesses, goals, & past experiences. A holistic approach to assessment assists to unravel the combination of contributing factors to each runner's injury. This includes investigations of their training loads, physical capabilities, running gait, shoewear, diet & life stressors. Two runners with a knee injury can have a totally different set of contributing factors.

2️⃣ It's not just about the pain:

Runners often face emotional & psychological challenges when sidelined by injury. Acknowledging their frustration, fears, & mental well-being can make a tremendous difference in their recovery journey. Building a strong therapeutic relationship can lead to better outcomes & a more positive mindset.

By treating the runner, we have the opportunity to instil healthy habits that go beyond rehabilitation. Encourage appropriate strength training, cross-training, nutrition, and rest & recovery. These lifestyle choices can support their overall well-being & help them thrive in their running pursuits.

Remember, when we treat the runner and not just the injury, we become catalysts for transformation, growth, & long-term success. Let's celebrate the resilience, passion, & dedication of our running community. Together, we can help them reach new heights & run their way to greatness! 🌟🙌


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