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Pain in the butt: what could it be?

Pain in the butt? 🍑 There are many things that can cause buttock pain, so getting an accurate diagnosis is important!

Some of the causes of buttock pain include:

🤕Hamstring tendinopathy

🤕Hamstring tendon tear/ avulsion (in younger population)

🤕Adductor tendinopathy

🤕Ischiofemoral impingement

🤕Deep gluteal muscle tear

🤕Pubic or ischial stress fracture

🤕Lumbar spine/SIJ involvement

🤕Deep gluteal syndrome/sciatic nerve involvement

🤕Pudendal nerve involvement

🤕Hip pathologies

To get to the bottom of your buttock pain (pun intended), don't hesitate to contact us!



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