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Return to running program

Looking to start running? Or perhaps missed a large chunk of time due to injury? Here's a return-to-running program that can be used for either of these situations!

🔑All runs are performed at an EASY, conversation pace (effort 4-5/10). Perform either 2 or 3 times per week, but whichever you chose, be consistent throughout the 5 weeks. Also, ensure you have a non-running day between each run.

❗️Before starting this program you should be able to perform a week of 3 x 20min brisk walks without any issues.

1️⃣Week 1: 1min run/1min walk x 10. Total time 20mins, Running time 10mins

2️⃣Week 2: 2min run/1min walk x 7. Total time 21mins, Running time 14mins

3️⃣Week 3: 3min run/1min walk x 5. Total time 20mins, Running time 15mins

4️⃣Week 4: 4min run/1min walk x 4. Total time 20mins, Running time 16mins

5️⃣Week 5: 20min continuous run

‼️This program is generic, & may not be catered to your specific situation, so if you need personal guidance then don't hesitate to contact us!

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