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Luke featured on the BackChat Podcast on Running injuries

Luke featured on not one but TWO episodes of the BackChat podcast, discussing his favorite topic: running & running injuries.

On Episode 45 "How to safely progress from walking to jogging to running" Luke covers:

  1. Society is getting larger with overweight and obesity ….is getting people to run a possible answer?

  2. Before you lace up those runners and get out there for your first run, what are some of the boxes you must tick?

  3. How can you transition from walking to running, and then beyond?

  4. Is there a particular running surface you should run on?

  5. Does how you run matter (running technique)?

  6. What can you tell us about running shoes? What’s your thoughts on bare foot running?

On Episode 46 "Sports Injury Rehab and Prevention in Runners" Luke covers:

  1. Do you need to warm up before a run? Some say stretching, some say a light jog …what do you recommend?

  2. What are about warming down recommendations?

  3. If you missed our advice in the earlier podcast, and now you find yourself with an injury, what is your course of action?

  4. What should you look for in a health practitioner to help with your running injuries?

  5. How does a patient decide to see a GP/Sports Specialist/Sports chiro/Sports physio/Massage or Myo?

  6. Heat or ice …what’s the latest on sports science here?

  7. What about recovery?

  8. What about strength training, most runners tend to stay clear of the weight room?

  9. How to manage Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciopathy.

  10. How to manage patellofemoral pain (also known as runner’s knee)?

  11. How to manage ITB?


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