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"There is no BEST way to run, but there are BETTER ways"


Running is a skill, and just like swinging a golf club or hitting a tennis ball, there are better ways to do things. If it hurts to run, it also makes sense to check how you are doing it!

Certain characteristics of running technique have been shown to be related to running economy (Folland 2017, Moore 2016) AND injury. (Luedke 2016, Chan 2017, Napier 2018). Read more about injury in our blog here.

There is also a growing body of research that shows how running gait can be used to aid in the recovery from many running injuries including knee pain (patellofemoral pain), medial tibial stress syndrome, exercise-induced leg pain & ITB pain (read more here).

With a running gait assessment, we record you running on either a treadmill or outside overground, and then analyze the footage for a range of characteristics including:

Can you change how you run? In short YES, but read more in our blog here

Running gait posture normal Luke.jpg

Book for our upcoming individual running gait analysis in Warrnambool


We are excited to offer our popular Running Gait analysis services to the Warrnambool running community, on Saturday 30th April. 

Each runner will get allotted 30mins whereby we will assess your running gait & capture data on our Runscribe foot pods that give us access to a large amount of data. We will then give you individual feedback on your running technique, and provide access to your video recordings.

There are only limited spaces available, so get in quick! Once you have registered we will contact you to book your preferred timeslot.

Date: Saturday 30th April, between 9 am-12 pm

Location15 O’Tooles lane, Illowa, VIC

Investment: $189 per person (EARLY BIRD $149 before 16th April).

Registrations: Please register below, & we will contact you for a timeslot on the day.

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