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Running injury calf pain

Unfortunately, injuries in running are very common, with the research revealing at least 50% of runners will be injured at a particular point in time. 


Why is this? Well like other injuries, running injuries are multi-factorial, therefore a detailed examination and history are paramount to reveal your contributing factors. Once these have been identified, then measures can be put in place to rectify these, and get you back out on the running track!

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The unique Health & High Performance approach


At Health & High Performance we perform a thorough assessment to ensure we find the contributing factors to your injury, to enhance your recovery.

Our comprehensive assessment of your condition may include:

  • Discussion of your issues, concerns, training history and goals

  • Mobility and movement assessment

  • Strength assessment using our state of the art AxIT system to quantify your level of strength and any imbalances (read more here)

  • Running gait analysis using our onsite treadmill (read more here)

Taking a thorough history

“Every running injury is unique, treatment should be too”

We achieve results through:

An accurate diagnosis of each presenting situation utilising the thorough examination outlined above. We consider every case on a holistic basis and create Comprehensive Management Plans incorporating three primary modalities:

  1. Manual Chiropractic Therapy (soft tissue, manipulative therapy)

  2. Active Care (dynamic rehabilitation, exercise therapy, movement modification, training load management and running gait modification)

  3. Lifestyle Advice (stress management, recovery, sleep, nutrition)


We are firm believers in active integration and open communication with you and other members of your health & performance team (GPs, coaches, personal trainers, other health practitioners, etc.). This ensures that everyone is on the same page, with the common goal of helping you achieve your health & performance goals! 

Treadmill running assessment

Want more information?

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Need further help?

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a thorough assessment of your running issues and to formulate a plan to get you back to health & high performance!

Health & High Performance “Realize your goals”

Types of running injuries we manage


We see and treat a wide variety of running injuries including (but not limited to):

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