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A Health & High Performance Chiropractic Christmas: Santa needs help!

T’was the day before Christmas, but there was no cheer.

No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer.

The word had gone out that Santa was sick.

There would be no visit from jolly St. Nick.

“It must be the hurry, the tension and all

I simply can’t seem to get on the ball.

Life used to be easy; just kids, toys and whistles,

now I dodge smog, spaceships and missiles.”

“And Doc, take a look at the size of this pack!

Have you any idea what it does to my back?”

Poor Santa was miserable and just barely able,

with the help of the chiro, to get on the table.

The chiro was gentle; without a fuss or a tussle

she examined the spine and tested the muscles.

Santa pulled, pushed & lifted on the state of the art AxIT,

The asymmetry was obvious, Santa had to admit!

After the most thorough of exams, the problem was clear,

He was in the right place, Phoebe had relieved all his fears

With a comprehensive management plan all set,

Perhaps Christmas could be saved without fret

Phoebe spotted trouble and then in a tick,

started easing the pain of good old St. Nick.

Santa felt aches and pains slipping away

and in no time at all he began to feel great.

Santa lifted with ease, the relief was enormous,

All thanks to the crew from Health & High Performance.

With a comprehensive rehab plan all prepared,

Santa would adhere to see he remain repaired.

As he went out the door, he threw them a kiss;

why, it had been centuries since he felt good as this!

Then once more he shouldered the bag full of toys,

his heart overflowing with true Christmas joys.

Wishing all our patients the merriest of Christmas, a happy holidays and may the new year bring you all the best in good health!


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