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6 rules when returning to running from a calf injury

Return to running after a calf strain is more challenging compared to a hamstring or quad injury. Here are 6 tips from physio & researcher Brady Green to help you make a successful return to running!

1️⃣ Avoid running on back-to-back days, ensure a non-running day in between.

2️⃣ Opt for shorter, slow speed intervals rather than large volumes of prolonged, continuous running.

3️⃣ Don't progress volume &/or intensity in consecutive runs

4️⃣ Schedule strength & plyometric exercises AFTER running, never before

5️⃣ Ensure there are no training load spikes when returning to running, especially late-stage

6️⃣ Limit sudden changes in running conditions (e.g. surface, footwear)

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