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Looking to start running for the first time? Resuming after a long break?

In this FREE 30min Live Q&A we cover some of the key things to consider, and the most commonly asked questions we receive from new runners!


Whilst the world is in the grips of COVID-19, many are working from home, social distancing and isolation is the new way of life, and gyms are closed! This may have led to some of you considering either starting up running, or resuming again after a long lay off!

What shoes to wear? How much running should you do? Should you warm up beforehand? All these and more will be covered in this FREE 30minute session PLUS you have an opportunity to get your questions answered with our running expert, Luke Nelson!


We will re-run this event at 2 separate times to ensure people can make it!


  • Date: Monday 18th May, 1pm AEST  OR  Wednesday 20th May, 8:30pm AEST 

  • Cost: FREE

  • Registration: simply fill out the form below with your preference for dates and you will receive the registration link

NOTE: If you are unable to make the LIVE sessions, you can still access the recording to watch at a time convenient to you!

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